Mar 29, 2021

Meet Rooster Essentials The Online Grooming Store For Men

Gentlemen, meet Rooster Essentials a newly launched website and app for self-customizable men’s grooming and daily hygiene platform.

Image Courtesy: Rooster Essentials

Rooster Essentials allows customers to select the products they need, from shaving cream, hair care, skincare products, condoms, to lip balm and more. Unlike other companies that send mystery boxes of samples, Rooster Essentials sends exactly what you order, equipped with nearly 200 products from over 80 of the best brands. Rooster Essentials aims to make running out of grooming and daily use hygiene products never happen again! For men who don’t like to think about shopping for products like deodorant and toothpaste — Rooster Essentials provides the perfect solution. The fully self-customizable men’s grooming store launched the one-stop shop e-commerce website and mobile application (available for both android and ios users). The best part? People choose what they want and how often they want it and Rooster Essentials delivers it to their door, thats it, no schedule, no deadlines, everything you need at your own pace.

Unlike other companies that send mystery boxes of samples, Rooster Essentials sends only what you order. With nearly 200 products from over 80 brands, from a $8.75 Woody’s Daily shampoo to a $154 Oribe Gold Lust Restore & Repair, Rooster Essentials offers a product selection to meet the taste and budget of every man – or woman who gifts them. The curated grooming packages are also great for college students (or their parents) who can’t be bothered remembering things like soap, toothpaste or deodorant, every month. 

Learn more and begin personalizing your own Personal Grooming Kit, watch their How it Works video and check out their prodcuts at: