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Mar 24, 2020

Meet Watchworthy App

Ever get tired of wondering where your favorite shows or films are currently streaming? Watchworhy App is here to stop you from ever wondering where your favorite tv show is airing again.

Sifting through and selecting what shows to watch has become a much more timely task in this modern era of television, as viewers are oversaturated with multiple platforms introducing their own networks, channels, streaming and original shows. Introducing Watchworthy, an innovative new app geared to change the way we watch television by helping us navigate these choices to find that perfect binge worthy show based on their own interests!

Watchworthy App is brought to you by Ranker, the #1 digital media company for opinion-based, crowd-sourced rankings, Watchworthy offers the ability to research your tastes based on your habits and gives you the best recommendations on the next shows to check out, much like Spotify offering suggestions based on your musical preferences or Postmates prioritizing relevant restaurants options based on your order history. As the Ranker community has grown to become a go to resource for everything from films to sports and food, 40 million visitors a month are casting votes for their favorite things; ultimately seizing this opportunity to aggregate information on how we approach watching television. With the belief that the opinion of millions can be more relevant and predictive than the opinion of one critic, Watchworthy turns the viewer into their own personal media concierge. Watchworthy is coupled with over 200 platforms, letting you have prime access to all the top streamers and where your show is airing. You can check out the app HERE