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Aug 17, 2012


It was no shock that I got to see one of the most talented alternative Indie bands straight out of Toronto Canada, MENEW,  as part of the Sunset Strip Music Festival. While I was already a fan of their music prior to the show, MENEW introduced Los Angeles to their rhythmically brilliant new sound of rock from their album Wide Awake Hello at The Roxy on August 14th.

The band, a trio of brothers consisting of Shade (vocals/guitar), Key (piano/synthesizers) and Nathan Samuel Phillip (drum/vocals), released their first independently released EP, Of the Future in 2008. Menew preformed some of their hit songs, “This Isn’t Real” and “Wide Awake Hello” off of their latest album, also titled Wide Awake Hello.

In case you missed it, Press Pass LA had the opportunity to sit down and chat with drummer and lead vocalist Nathan prior to the show. Read that Q & A here!

As for the live performance, I really enjoyed seeing the theatrical title track “Wide Awake Hello”.  I felt like this performance was particularly emotional and incredibly passionate. The crowd was clearly moved by the lyrics and the strong message of trying to live in the moment.

Menew exudes a very powerful stage presence, supported by impressive lighting during the show. Their stage lights help add an illuminating effect pronounced by the contrast of their simple all-black attire. All three brothers stimulate a very raw energy that is vital to their sound and clearly feed off each other. Each song was performed live exceptionally well and I got to feel a natural sense of what every band member was emoting with each song.  The transitions between songs were on point and the vocals never overshadowed the instrumentals.

Menew’s lyrics make me reflect a lot upon what people are going through mentally and spiritually. The music is really about loving and appreciating what you have in the moment. A worthwhile message.

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