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Mar 29, 2014


Mini Cinema has done it again, and this time, they sold the house out. Energetic Leo Breckenridge was back to host and introduce the newest set of original short films.

Here are the films that were screened last week!


Directed: Kyle Gilbertson, Joshia Bultema Produced by: Shanna Sletten Cast: Alexa Gardner, Angelica Marcial, Cooper Degrasse, Mikaela Kennerly, Tommy Barriere, Abi Ann

Adorable interviews with elementary school aged and junior high kids about cell phone usage. “We put ‘lol’ just for no reason cuz it is that way.”

Kissing Hank’s Ass

Director: Gary Blake Writer: James Huber Producer: Lenny Lenox. Major Latimer, Deirdre Murray-Homles, Jonathan Shrader Cast: Nathan Messina, Jennifer Jules Hart, Tamara Perry, Bisson

Quick back and forth conversation mocking religion veiled by the existence of a “Hank” that everyone is supposed to believe blindly despite his contradictions.

Love In The Time Of Advertisement

Written/Directed/Produced: Matt Berenty, David Bokser Co-Produced: Kevin Shapiro Voice Cast: Hunter Curra, Jillinda Palmer

Charismatically awkward animated story of a man living and working inside a billboard who falls for a woman living in a house below. To catch her attention and express his love he changes the billboard to love-related ads with devastating consequences. Narrated by folk song.

Each Time Again

Writer/ Director Kip Kubin, Produced by: David Malus, Erin Fraser Cast: Alan Powell, Annie Kearney, Jack Reed

The eery day in the life of a serial killer who has access to a machine which wipes his slate clean, leading him to develop a ritualistic manner of conducting his killings.


Writer / Director: Matthew Jenkin Producers: Matthew Jenkin & Oliver Leimbach Cast: Matilda Brown, Alan Dukes, Kate Worsley

Via a reality agency, a depressed man hires a woman to act as his awful ex-girlfriend who dumped him six months prior, because he would rather be with her than alone. Very charming.

Save the date for Mini Cinema’s next screening on May 18th, 2014 and be sure to catch the recap video from March 27th!