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Oct 30, 2014


The Jersey Shore stole our inner party girl hearts but fist pumping, spray tans, grenades and “GTL’s” are long gone and replaced with the antics of the cast of MTV’s Slednecks.

Picture it, eleven Wasilla, Alaskan twenty-somethings, glaciers, parties, fights, sex, drama, duct tape, ice fishing, most of the girls are models and most of the guys are completely unpredictable and totally hilarious. Interested yet?

Don’t let the snowy temperatures deter you. Cast member Jackie, an Inupiat Eskimo and Alaskan native promises “lots of nudity” and explained the general road map of parties as get drunk, make out with random people, break things, hit plateau, (insert something unimaginable occasionally involving fire), wake up on a lawn…or a glacier. Sounds exhausting and wonderful all at once. Self-proclaimed hottest cast member, Trevor, and also considered the wildest, unpredictable and cringe worthy guy by the rest of the cast says, “you can literally blame everything I did on alcohol,” which is also how he learned the hard way (upside down against a wall) that he can’t twerk but is usually game for naked polar bear plunges and naked snowboarding. The “slednecks” did agree, however, that Dylan “El Tornado”(gorge, look him up, you’re welcome) can be known to trump Trevor’s antics.


Though Alaskans have mixed feelings on the show and the reputation it might create for the snowy state, the casts interests, despite the partying, want to show that there’s more to the 49th state than Sarah Palin, snow, and people trying to see Russia from the mountain tops…which they clarify, cannot be done. And finally, though rumored to be most similar to the Jersey Shore, Trevor and Zeke, the shows “play boy” had a different take. “If you could film Val Kilmer’s day to day life, this show would be oddly similar to that…and maybe add in Jean Claude Van Damme.” Sold!

Check your local listings, set those DVR’s, Slednecks premieres Thursday, October 30th on MTV.