Oct 9, 2017

Moms Just Wanna Have Fun! Unicorn Moms Launches App for “Bad Moms” For Grown Up Play Dates

They say when you become a mom, your child becomes your world. While this is of course true to an extent, plenty of moms still just wanna have fun and be themselves! At least that’s what Maria Hunt, Founder of Unicorn Moms was banking on when she launched the Facebook Community, now with 80K+ members.

“There are a lot of online support groups, communities, and even apps on the market that target moms but most of those apps focus around your child with tips ranging from finding the best babysitter to setting up playdates for your kids. Unicorn Moms is different because we focus on the mom as an individual and on her identity outside of motherhood. Moms love our Facebook community and website because they find it to be a safe place where they are free to express themselves and talk about their hopes, triumphs, and struggles without fear of judgment,” said Hunt.

The Unicorn Moms universe just expanded with the launch of the mobile app and recent inaugural Unicon convention here in Los Angeles. “With the mobile app, we’ve made it easier for moms to connect while on the go and set up grownup playdates with other like-minded women in their area,” said Hunt. “Both the Unicorn Moms site and app cover topics ranging from their favorite deals, cocktails, and recipes, to airing their dirty laundry or seeking advice on their career goals or marital challenges.”

For the convention, which took place at the swanky SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, Unicorn Moms from all over the nation including Florida, New York, Texas, and San Francisco flew in to attend 300+ Unicorn Moms in total.  The convention also attracted Hollywood celebrities and Mommy bloggers!  Guests were presented educational lifestyle products, relationship support, entertainment, and time to meet one another during the UniCorn Market place, which hosted great brands such as Acme Elixirs, Fashion from Beautiful Disaster, Jewels from Emma J Company, toys by LELO, and Shoes by Shoedazzle. The Beauty area of the UniCon Market Place was packed as moms learned how to get their best body back with CRMC Laser, Juva Lips, Secret Hair Extensions, and more. Attendees enjoyed a renewed sense of themselves and a connection with other Unicorn Moms as they learned that they could connect in any city at any time with the newly Unicorn Mom App.

The Mompreneur Panel:
Deanna Papps, Noelia Murphy, Adrianna Costa, Founder Maria Hunt, Diana Madison, Apryl Jones, Jenny Nordbak

Natalie Nunn attends UniCon LA presented by Shoe Dazzle and “Bad Moms Christmas.”

Celeb Moms such as Christine Lakin, Adrianna Costa, Natalie Nunn, Apryl Jones, and Diana Madison inspired, encouraged and rejuvenated moms through discussions alongside other top notch panelists. Unicorn Moms learned how to handle being a mom in a digital era, how to be a mom entrepreneur, and how to keep your cool factor as a partner and parent. Wine, bites, flower crowns, and pictures with Hunky Santa’s for the upcoming Bad Moms Christmas movie were just some of the fun activations.

“It’s exhausting and hard most of the time to be a mom these days. We are doing a lot more than many of our mothers did with us. It’s more pressure, time, and energy so it’s easy to be a “bad/imperfect” mom with all we have to balance. Moms everywhere have a sense they are failing and in some ways, social media has made that worse. However, the Unicorn Moms community has helped because moms realize they are not alone. It’s a place to can come to laugh and get support. It’s  place to help and support one another through more than just our children’s struggles but also our own personal struggles: our marriages, our confidence, our depression, our insecurities and most importantly our loneliness. Motherhood can be isolating and lonely at times, especially if you feel you don’t fit in,” said Hunt.

Maria Hunt, Founder of Unicorn Moms

As for what’s next, Maria told us they plan to take the Unicon convention across the country and release the Android version of the app before the new year. “The most rewarding aspect for me is hearing the stories of these moms about how this group has helped them. That to me is why I do what I do period. There is no greater reward than helping someone, and that’s my goal in life. We want to help as many moms as we can so we will keeping working to expand and grow. Who know’s what else. Maybe a clothing line or a Unicorn Moms wine. The sky’s the limit!”

Unicon Moms also supports local charities and has collaborated with Ronald McDonald House, Baby2Baby, Good+ Foundation, and Prom Dress Project and plans to continue this work as they grow.

Download the Unicorn Moms app.