Oct 22, 2013


Photos by Dirt Junior

Motörhead’s 21st studio album, Aftershock officially comes out today, October 22, in the United States. To celebrate, the band threw a free party for one hundred lucky fans this past Friday night. The album listening party took place upstairs at the infamous Rainbow Bar and Grill on the Sunset Strip, a well known hangout of Motörhead’s lead singer, songwriter and bass player, the legendary Lemmy Kilmister. PPLA was in attendance!


Lately Lemmy has been suffering from some health concerns and so was unfortunately unable to attend the party, but that didn’t stop the hundred or so fans from coming along to eat some of the Rainbow’s famed and, just for tonight – free – pizza, drink, mingle and pay tribute to Lemmy and crew as they listened to the brand new record from a band that after more than thirty-something album releases, still damn well has it.

The event was hosted by and That Metal Show’s DJ Will who spun mostly Motörhead all night and gave us the low down on the new tunes. A raffle was held, with each of the lucky 100 fans at the event receiving a free raffle ticket on entry. Motörhead T-Shirts and copies of Aftershock were given away to many very happy fans.

The video for “Heartbreaker” the first single off the new album was also premiered at the event. Aftershock is an epic album that was very well-received by attendees who had been queuing round the block just to hear it, proving that no matter what happens, there’s just no stopping Motörhead.