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Jul 26, 2018

Mr.Mercedes Immersive Experience at SDCC

Mr. Mercedes is back on the audience network and fans received a real treat at this years SDCC.

The Mr. Mercedes team curated a one of a kind immersive event during this years San Diego Comic-Con. The event which was open to the public walked you through Brady’s wild mind with a fun interactive app which helped you hunt for clues to aid in solving his latest crime. In addition to finding pop up clues for the app through the exhibit the team also created an incredible VR experience. In the game you enter Brady’s lair, and are on a SAW like experience where the clock is ticking down to your death. It was a real blast having such an interactive VR game which included deductive reasoning and movement to get out of his dark mind alive.





We’ve given you fair warning. Turn back now.


Welcome. If you’ve finished the first season, which we sure hope you have we were delighted to see the Mr. Mercedes team incorporate Brady’s coma. The entire experience is based on a almost sinister dreamlike quality. Our favorite bit was a holographic photo booth the team incorporated. Much like a regular photo ops you hop on and take a photo, but the result is an awesome juxtaposition of your face and the main characters as it changes to revels yours and theirs. At the end of the immersive experience you’re also treated to a hospital gift shop (much like the one in Brady’s hospital) where you’re gifted goodbye swag depending on what level of interaction you’ve completed. All in all we say it was a 10/10 on the worth it scale.