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Apr 15, 2015

MTV Movie Awards: GBK Gift Lounge

GBK Productions’ lounges can be described with three words: hot, young and hip.  So, when Press Pass LA was invited to experience the GBK gift lounge in honor of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The celebrity-filled gift lounge was held at the popular Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood on Friday, April 10th and Saturday, April 11th. Unlike other gift lounges, this one featured unique, trend-setting boutiques and start-up companies reflective of MTV’s youthful audience. Some of our favorite sponsors included Naughty Girls Donut Shop (trust me on this), The Artisan Group and Nuvino.

A delicious set-up was Naughty Girls Donut Shop with their 17-year-old founder, Tiana Ramos, who was handing out donuts to attendees. The shop is based in Virginia and employs high school students who are able to find their passion by learning how to cook, market a business and run a store. Tiana gifted celebrities with donuts (my favorite was the Black Forest with a cherry glaze on top), a Naughty Girl t-shirt, glass coffee mug and blueberry crumble-flavored coffee beans.

IMG_2941The ever-popular Artisan Group was also present and had a gorgeous table filled with jewelry, soaps and dog-friendly products, as well as featured jewelry pieces worn on popular TV shows (any Vampire Diaries fans out there?). Guests received a tote bag filled with handmade products from artists across the world. Each jewelry piece was one-of-kind and came with information about the individual artist along with handwritten notes. My favorite was a bohemian wrap bracelet by Hope Anchored Designs – perfect for Coachella and the upcoming festival season.

Bare Organic Mixers and Nuvino provided refreshments for guests as they circled the gift lounge. Nuvino, a relatively young company and one of my new favorite brands, gave attendees a 4-piece set of their signature pouched wine. The beauty with this product is that wine-drinkers no longer have to worry about taking glasses or carrying a large bottle. The single-serving pouched wine can be taken to outside concerts, the beach, picnics and more. And no, it’s not your typical two-buck-Chuck, but rather a flavorful and rich wine. I definitely give Nuvino an A+ in innovation and creativity – and what’s better than a Capri Sun pouch filled with wine?

Overall, guests enjoyed experiencing new and trending products that kept them energetic, smiling and excited. LA trendsetters definitely need to keep an eye out for these brands. Who knows, your celebrity crush might be wearing that jewelry piece or sipping their pouched wine.

Written By: Courtney Sulzberger