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Aug 5, 2020

Mulan Heads To Disney+ in Stunning Development That Could Change VOD Forever

Mulan is heading to Disney+. While we’re mourning that one of our all time favorite stories won’t be hitting the big screen, we’re also thrilled to see where Disney leads the future of VOD.

Image Still Courtesy of The Walt Disney Studios

With social distancing still firmly advised across the country entertainment is becoming more and more tricky as we crave it. With concerts shut down, festivals an absolute no-go, and theaters mainly closed what are we to do? Mulan is set to premiere in September at a premium cost to Disney+ users. Thats right, you’ll be able to watch Mulan for an additional 29.99 on the streaming service ( yes in addition to your monthly payment). While Disney top execs have reassured everyone that this is a dire move, only because of Covid19, we can’t help but speculate if this will change the course of VOD forever. Could more premium films make their way on demand after Covid19? Will this affect certain shows moving forward, to maintain quality? We don’t know but we’re on the edge of our seats to watch it unfold. Let us know your thoughts on Mulan premiering on Disney+.