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Mar 18, 2024

Music Cruch Monday: V, Aka Taehyung Kim

Affectionately known as V, also known as Taehyung Kim from BTS is continuing his solo music journey as his bandmates and himself complete their required military service as South Korean citizens. His latest record ‘Frie(end)s’ is the first time in a good while that we’ve enjoyed such narrative storytelling in a song release.

Image Still: Hybe Labels YouTube

The music video for ‘Fri(end)s’ is incredibly cinematic, alongside the song’s powerful message. A young man feeling alone and surrounded by those in love wakes from a dream to find himself happily in a relationship, only to realize he was still within a dream as the final and most powerful message of the single reveals itself. V find himself shocked awake after a death in his dream to find himself with his own mirror image. The message? How can you search for love everywhere if you don’t love yourself first. It’s a really powerful message and something we need more of. Enjoy the single and let us know your thoughts! We love this and can’t wait to add it to our weekly playlist rotation.