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Feb 12, 2024

Music Crush Monday: Beyonce

Beyonce didn’t even perform at the Super Bowl and she’s still all anyone is talking about, what an icon!

Image Still: Beyonce YouTube

Beyonce came in hot this Super Bowl Sunday by dropping no one but two brand new singles in the country music category. The Texan sweetheart is coming for the heartland and we stan it. Beyonce’s new singles are titled “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold Em.” It is the only thing everyone is talking about right now after the Chief’s won their back to back Super Bowl. The record is an autobiographical ballad that really shows off Beyonce’s range and capabilities as a vocalist. Beyonce fans will know that the number 16 is significant: It’s how old Beyoncé was when girl group Destiny’s Child signed with Columbia Records and released its breakthrough single “No, No, No.”  Meanwhile with her other single, “Texas Hold ‘Em” the Houston native turns playful alongside an uptempo, banjo-driven and folk-vibed track that includes whistling.

Beyonce presented a peek inside her country alter ego in 2016 with “Daddy Lessons.” Appearing on Lemonade, her sixth studio album, the song also featured country icons The Chicks on its promotional remix, which both acts performed live on the CMA Awards in 2016. 

How do you feel about her double single drop? Do you have a favorite of the two tracks? Let us know why below!