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Jun 22, 2020

Music Crush Monday: Beyonce

All hail the Queen. Beyoncé is back with new music to lead us.

Image Still: Courtesy of Netflix ‘Homecoming’

It isn’t even a question, the only way to start off our week is with Beyoncé’s latest record “Black Parade,” which dropped on Juneteenth. We normally only post songs that are accompanied by music videos, but covid19 has affected the industry’s ability to pair music videos with all the new music coming out. We can’t think of a better way to kick off our playlist this week than by playing Beyoncé’s “Black Parade”. We can’t say we’re surprised to receive a new track unannounced it has become Beyoncé’s signature music drop move. The new track is pure pop with a deep underlying message like most of her music. The record includes powerful lyrics about black history, police brutality and the George Floyd protests. In “Black Parade” she sings “Put your fists up in the air, show black love,” “Need peace and reparation for my people.”

The record appeared across streaming services shortly after the she launched Black Parade Route, an online directory of black-owned businesses selling everything from fashion and beauty products to home furnishings and coffee. 

“Being Black is your activism. Black excellence is a form of protest. Black joy is your right,” wrote the singer on a tagline on her website.

According to the site, the initiative will benefit BeyGOOD’s Black Business Impact Fund, which “supports Black-owned small businesses in need.”

“Happy Juneteenth Weekend! I hope we continue to share joy and celebrate each other, even in the midst of struggle,” said Beyoncé in an Instagram post announcing the launch.