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Jul 8, 2019

Music Crush Monday: Camille Trust

Camille Trust is delivering all the vocals in her single “Lavender”. She’s also dishing a serious amount of life advice. We’re kicking off our moody Monday here in LA with her vocals, come join us.

Camille Trust performing in NYC

“Lavender” breaks down the otherside of dating, which lets face it can be a tough pill to swallow in big cities like LA, NYC, and others. We hear you Camille Trust and in your voice we trust. Where have you been? This singer/song writer lives in NYC and is giving us all the vocal art we’ve been missing in music. Take a listen, share it with your friends, listen again, share a little more, and hit all those notes in the shower or car as you amble through your day. Camille Trust’s music video for “Lavender” was shot on location here in Los Angeles. She’s a wonderful artist, sharing all of her hardworking cast and crew in the bottom of the music video’s description, as any artist knows it’s your team that helps you create fire. And Camille Trust’s “Lavender” is nothing short of artistic fire.