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Mar 1, 2021

Music Crush Monday: Chloe X Halle

With all of us awaiting the upcoming Little Mermaid live action feature, we stumbled our way through Chloe X Halle’s entire music catalog, this past weekend. Let us put our pens down, take a seat, and pay attention to their new single “Ungodly Hour.”

Image Still Courtesy: Chloe X Halle Vevo

This haunting and self affirming anthem is the energy we need to usher in March. Throw this single to the top of your Goddess playlist because, yes girl. The music video itself gives us Janet Jackson late 80’s early 90’s vibes. The music video for “This Ungodly Hour” is Directed by, Alfred Marroquín with Andrew Makadsi as its creative director. We’re really into this dance vibe that draws you into chill mode as well. Let us know your thoughts, as we kick off this month with “Ungodly Hour.”