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Sep 13, 2021

Music Crush Monday: Chloë

Kick off this week with some attitude, move over playlist, “Have Mercy” is taking the top spot. We all need a little more hype in our lives and Chloë is delivering.

Image Still: Chloë YouTube

Director Karena Evans has brought to life a bop. You should recognize Chloë as part of the Chloë X Halle musical group discovered by Beyonce (Queen B) or as the face of the highly anticipated live action of Disney’s Little Mermaid. Chloë Bailey made her debut as a solo artist, performing her new single ‘Have Mercy‘ at 2021 MTV VMAs. Just one of the many exciting performances to amp up the evening. We’re sure a new flock of devoted fans are ready to jump on this talented singer’s musical creations, we’re for sure witnessing the dawn of a new fandom. Let us know your thoughts on the single.