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Aug 22, 2022

Music Crush Monday: Demi Lovato

It’s been awhile since we’ve featured Demi Lovato, and her latest single ’29’ is sure to get tongues wagging.

Image art: HOLY FVCK- Album cover Art Copyright Universal Music Group

Demi Lovato has unveiled their latest Holy Fvck single, “29.” The soulful song is widely believed to be about Demi Lovato’s former boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, who was 29 years old when he first began dating then-17-year-old Demi Lovato. (yikes…on him). Demi’s new album Holy Fvck is out on Friday (Aug. 19).

Meanwhile, the song has deep lyrics that will resonate with a large audience of women who also grew up in an era where much older men were allowed to take advantage of dating much younger girls with no-one to intercede. Some of the lyrics from the single read like this:

“Finally twenty-nine / Funny, just like you were at the time / Thought it was a teenage dream just a fantasy / But was it yours or was it mine? / Seventeen, twenty-nine,” Lovato, who is now 29 years old themselves, sings in the chorus. They also seem to reference 42-year-old Valderrama’s 30-year-old wife, Amanda Pacheco, when they sing, “I see you’re quite the collector / Yeah, you’re twelve years her elder / Maybe now it doesn’t matter / But I know f—ing better.”