Apr 15, 2019

Music Crush Monday: DJ Jon Hopkins

Still reveling in the post Coachella music vibe, we’re kicking off this week leading up to weekend two with DJ Jon Hopkins.

After checking out Jon Hopkin’s set on Coachella’s Sunday night schedule we knew, this was one DJ we’d be adding to our permanent music rotation. We picked his track Emerald Rush to usher away any Monday blue’s.

Jon Hopkins is an English musician who kicked off his career with Imogen Heap.  Jon is also a producer who writes and performs electronic music. He first began his career playing keyboard for Imogen Heap, and has produced or contributed to albums by Brian Eno, Coldplay, David Holmes and others. All you need is a quick Google search, and you’ll find over 142 tracks with Jon Hopkin’s mark on them. Have you heard of his music before? Let us know.