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Feb 11, 2019

Music Crush Monday: Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa was on FIRE last night at The Grammys. She took home not one but two coveted Grammys.

If you haven’t heard of Dua Lipa, we’re sure you have now. We popped her hit New Rules as this week’s Music Crush Monday selection, but you’d be sleeping on her talent if you don’t also check out Electricity and her single for the upcoming Alita Battle Angel feature film. We love Electricty so much, we’ve also included it below.

After winning two Grammys she gave a very poignant speech about embracing your differences and owning who you are. Which is a message we all need to remember more often. She also turned out to be a mic-dropper shading the current President of the music academy with her line “I guess we showed up” after he came under fire for telling women in the music industry to show up with their talent, from 2018’s backlash of only one female nominee in the new artist category. He will be retiring this summer, but Dua has a very long career ahead of her. Go girl!