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Jun 10, 2024

Music Crush Monday: Eminem

GenZ isn’t ready for Eminem. They didn’t spend hours listening to the Slim Shady album back to back, or the thrill of seeing his film 8 Mile hit massive success with his backstory. They don’t know Slim Shady, but they’re about to. Eminem is unapologetic about his craft, and apology is all this generation seems obsessed with.

Image: Eminem Youtube

Eminem isn’t here for cancel or apology culture, and neither is his record. Take it or leave it has classic Slim Shady attitude all over it. ‘Houdini’ has the internet up in arms about its offensive nature, But here’s the thing, that’s the point. Eminem doesn’t pull punches, give apologies, or create music that is commercially considered’ safe.’ Despite his million in success Eminem has never made it to the top by playing by the rules or minding all of his P’s and Q’s.

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