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Aug 9, 2021

Music Crush Monday: Giveon

Lets get moody to kick off this week, with Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary.” Kick off Monday with melancholy? Sure, why not?

Image Credit: Nico Kartel

Giveon’s “Heartbreak Anniversary” reminds us of the soulful tunes of the late 90’s and early 00’s that brought great R&B songs from musical acts like Boyz to Men, Kaci and Jojo, Baby Face, etc. The slow tunes, the trip down memory lane, and even the way the video is shot is taking us back. This song makes us want to slow down, reflect, and sit in our feels for a moment. Don’t we all have that one person whose memories take us back? Let us know what you think, an dif you’ve heard of Giveon before today’s Music Crush Monday feature.