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Feb 27, 2023

Music Crush Monday: Halsey

Halsey is back with new music and we couldn’t hit add fast enough to our playlist. Their latest single “Die 4 Me,” is the kind of ear worm that plays on repeat and you don’t mind it, you know? Like finding yourself on Capybara Tiktok and being happy with your life path.

Image Still: Halsey VeVo

Technically if you didn’t know “Die 4 Me” ins’t exactly a new song. Instead, think of it as a reimagined song. Halsey has released the long-awaited extended recording of ‘Die 4 Me,’ originally a verse on the Post Malone deep cut ‘Die For Me,’ now the popular song has wings of its own. ‘Die 4 Me’ is snuggling up just fine as it finds its home in Halsey’s discography. Lets rewind to understand where this new ‘Die 4 Me’ iteration is coming from. Cut back to 2019, when Halsey was invited to contribute a verse to Post Malone’s Hollywood’s Bleeding deep cut “Die For Me” alongside himself and Future. At this point Halsey had worked on popular collaborations, including her well known “Him & I” with G-Eazy.” None of her collabs were reallt usuing her vocals to their full potential, she became the go-to collaboration for a solid pop/ballad chorus on an otherwise rap track. But, on “Die For Me,” Halsey was confounding in their release of pure venom in each scathing lyric — and that wasn’t even all they had to say. “I know it’s been a while since the last time you heard from me,” she acknowledged on the song. “Grew into a savage and that’s why they gave this verse to me.” Now, four years later, Halsey is back with “Die 4 Me,” a solo extended cut that picks up where they left off with some notable updates.

What do you think? Is Halsey’s latest in your weekly playlist? We know we barely heard the first beat before clicking add.