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Nov 11, 2019

Music Crush Monday: Hamilton Mix Tape

Hamilton (the musical) has gifted us with gem after gem of musical enjoyment. One of our favorites which is still a banger today is ‘Immigrants We Get The Job Done.’

Image Still courtesy of Warner Music Group

“Immigrants We Get The Job Done” is powerful, truthful, and an inescapable musical hit. Lin-Manuel Miranda, has crafted a world on stage which has bled into every corner of pop culture and we’re here for it. The celebrity packed music video doesn’t just deliver a “sick beat” it delivers realism about the state of the nation. Perhaps we need to hype ourselves up a bit this week in wake of the November 5th elections. The video is directed by Tomas Whitmore and executive produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda himself. Things are changing, music is changing, and we can’t wait to go along for the ride. Let us know your thoughts on this video. And, if you haven’t seen it before be sure to leave us a note! We’d love to hear your first impression.