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May 8, 2023

Music Crush Monday: Harry Styles

Its been a long time since we’ve shared a Harry Styles’ track, this refreshing new single “Satellite” felt like the perfect return to Harry’s discography to add to our weekly playlist.

Image Still: Harry Styles YouTube

The music video for “Satellite” follows “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” “Late Night Talking,” and “As it Was,” all off Harry’s hit album. It’s a curious yet plausible take on the growing influence of A.I. in our daily lives. His new music video for ‘Satellite‘ tells a mournful love story between a robot and the space tech he yearns for. Are we getting Wall-E feels yet? Maybe. Yes…okay yes. “Satellite” is directed by Styles’ go-to music video collaborator Aube Perrie. The music video follows the perspective of a Wall-E-esque robot, who works as an automatic vacuum cleaner backstage at one of Harry Styles’ concerts. We see the little robot cleaning the floors of a green room as Styles leaves to perform, and again when he accidentally rolls onstage while the star is singing mid-show — just to be expelled from the concert by a security guard. Be still our hearts. The music video is endearing and the song itelf is a bonafide earworm. Let us know your thoughts on his latest single.