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Jun 3, 2024

Music Crush Monday: Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is back with another single for their beloved fans. We’ve been hitting play on ‘Eyes Closed,’ on repeat nonstop, and you should too.

Image Still: Imagine Dragons YouTube

Imagine Dragons has teamed up with J Balvin to bring us their newest single. ‘Eyes Closed,’ is well produced and has a catchy hook that leads you to inevitably find yourself humming it on repeat. What we love about Imagine Dragon is that it’s good that they’re experimenting with newer stuff, or else our complaint would be that they keep making the same songs, but that hasn’t been the case here at all. The song itself deals with death, specifically returing from it, perhaps a nod at coming through the death of your former self. What did you think of the message? Is that what you understood of the song? We love to hear differing opinions, as with most art there isn’t only one answer, but many.