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Jan 22, 2024

Music Crush Monday: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is kicking off 2024 with new music for us! Her latest single “Can’t Get Enough” is an instant hit, a no-brainer to our add to playlist queue.

Iamge Credit: Jennifer Lopez YouTube

Overall, it’s a very well-made track, and if you look at it like a teaser for her upcoming album, we feel like it could be a damn good one. This track is unlike anything Jennifer Lopez has ever done before. The track is a kick off of her upcoming album, which is said to be very inspired by her past eras meeting her present. The music video plays like a film and is an intimate, fantastical, and romantic narrative about her music and love. The instrumentals of this track take us back to the This Is Me era. This single has us excited to see what Jennifer’s upcoming ninth studio album will have in store for us. Let us know what you think of the single and if you’re as excited about her upcoming album as we are.