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Aug 14, 2023

Music Crush Monday: Kim Taehyung ‘V’

Kim Taehyung aka V, from BTS has finally given fans what they’ve been waiting on for over a year, his solo project.

Since his debut with the band in 2013, V has performed three solo songs under their name—”Stigma” in 2016, “Singularity” in 2018, and “Inner Child” in 2020—all of which charted on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart. Now his latest singles continue with his soulful, jazz filled sound. His voice is deep and melodic and woes its listeners into it’s deeper layers as he sings of love. Both his single releases “Rainy Days” and “Love Me Again” are already trending and topping the global music charts with millions of likes on day of release on YouTube. Now, Kim Taehyung is all set to drop his solo album Layover with the release of photoshoots and two singles to whet his fans’ appetites.

V’s “Rainy Days” track is exactly the kind of lo-fi music that has become increasingly popular for students or anyone studying. It’s the type of track that can calm and lull your senses while you go on with your tasks. Play it in the background or relax with a cup of tea to start your morning as his vocals take you on a journey. We appreciate how the song remains intent on maintaining as modest and sedate a performance as possible. A masterpiece, if you’re anything like us and love to pop on a chill soundtrack as the backtrack to your daily life to elevate and romanticize your day. Meanwhile, V’s “Love Me Again” track is a love letter to his vocals. If you simply love listening to V’s voice, this single should check every single box. The R&B instrumentation is very comforting and mellow-sounding, with the atmospheric instrumental break also doubling as the bridge for “Love Me Again.”

If you’ve been hoping for dance-pop or more high energy tracks you might have to wait on the album, but if these singles are any gauge, V might be going for a crooner album that becomes part of your daily routine rather than a go out and party record.