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Feb 24, 2020

Music Crush Monday: Lovelytheband

Alternative pop trio lovelytheband is back with their brand-new single “Loneliness for love”. The track is packed with an energetic beat, glistening keys, and nimble guitar that pulsates alongside sweeping verses and an instantly irresistible chorus.

Image Courtesy of Rogers and Cowan

We’re kicking off this week with some fun, upbeat, electro-pop to keep us all energized. We also live finding new bands, and we hadn’t hear of them until now. Let us know if you had, and if you’d checked out this song yet. Set a happy tone for the week and have fun with your music choices. Love The Band’s lead singer Mitchy Collins says about the single; 

“In my dating life, I constantly keep falling back into a cycle or a pattern,” he continues. “I’ll meet someone and think I’m falling in love, because I’m trying to fill the void of being alone. I have a big problem with looking to other people to fill what I feel is lacking or missing inside of me. So, I jump into situations out of loneliness. I’m digging deep and reflecting. The song is literally me singing to loneliness.”

This is a feeling is so universal. There are so many people out there who seek to fill a void of loneliness and music is surely one way to connect when you’re feeling off. The video follows the lead singer as he continues to fail connecting with the mannequin women throughout his band playing in a window display. At the end however, we love the moment of hope as we see a human woman come into the search for connection.