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Aug 17, 2020

Music Crush Monday: Miley Cyrus

It has been a long time since Miley Cyrus put out a new record. We’re kicking off our week with her newest single “Midnight Sky“, which is giving us all the 80’s vibes.

Image Credit: Midnight Sky Music Video Still

Where are all our 80’s babies at? If “Midnight Sky” doesn’t transport you back to the era of Donna Summers, The Brat Pack, and Blondie, nothing can. we’re really loving this pop-80’s mix up that Miley has gifted us. It is a long cry from her “Wrecking Ball” days and yet a different phenomenon than her immediate post-Disney look. Miley Cyrus is nothing if not a chameleon. She constantly evolves as a singer, ever changing. We’re sure this won’t be her final transformation, as she loves putting out different styles, and mixing genres. Who knows, she may just start rapping again. Let us know your thoughts on the new record. Either way, it’s definitely a banger and going on our playlist. Lift your mood with your music choices, and let us know what you’re selecting for your musical rotation this week.