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Mar 8, 2021

Music Crush Monday: Miley Cyrus

We’re kicking off International Women’s Day with Miley Cyrus’ new single “Angels Like You.”

Image Credit: Miley Cyrus Vevo

Miley’s new Plastic Hearts album is out now, and “Angels Like You” is a sure hit. The melancholy song sets our feet tapping as we relate to the lyrics. Who hasn’t experienced heartbreak? The music video is gorgeous, we love its soft lighting, and vintage vibes. The single’s music video was directed by Alana O’Herlihy and Miley Cyrus herself. Lets all add a little mellow reminiscing to our week, why not? Reflection isn’t a bad thing, as they say hindsight is everything, but it also makes you stronger, which is why we’re loving this video and song to kick off our week. We also knew we wanted to feature a woman this Monday, as we celebrate International Women’s Day. Let us know your thoughts. Will you be jamming?