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Aug 26, 2019

Music Crush Monday: Missy Elliott

We stan Missy Elliott. The undisputed Queen of the beats is back, and shes brought more than one hot track drop with her.

Image Courtesy of Atlantic Records

We picked one of Missy Elliott’s new tracks off of her latest musical blessing (“Iconology”) into the universe, but to be honest, we felt like cheaters. how can you ever pick just one Missy Elliott track? Why did we pick Throw it Back? Easy, we drew straws with music titles. Bam. Thats how you pick a Missy Elliott exclusive to feature. Which one is your favorite off of “Iconology”? We don’t deserve Missy, meanwhile we’re crossing all of our fingers and toes in hopes of a tour, even a mini tour announcement soon. The beat Queen has been sorely missed.