Nov 19, 2018

Music Crush Monday: Molly Burch

Songtress Molly Burch has released her new single Candy, which delivers quite the commentary amidst breathy vocals reminiscent of Lana Del Rey.


Candy is directed by Noël Wells (Master of None, SNL) and is the first single off of her new album First FlowerCandy, is captured beautifully on 8mm film, the music video playfully nods to pushy photographers and crazed shoots, was shot by director, songwriter and actress Nöel Wells and is a perfect meeting of minds between the two artists. Enjoy the lyrics below:

Why do I care what you think?
You’re not my father
Don’t even bother, don’t bother me
Why do I like how you look?
You look like candy
You don’t understand me, don’t understand me
I’m not doin’ this again
No, no, no
This will really have to be the end
No, no, no
Promise me baby, promise me baby
Promise me baby, promise me baby
You’ll stay away, you’ll stay away
You’ll stay away, you’ll stay away
Why do I think on my feet?
It’s hard to stand now
Don’t touch my hand now, don’t touch me
Why do I make myself sick?
It’s outrageous
I’m so contagious, don’t come near me