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Dec 13, 2021

Music Crush Monday: Nat King Cole

We decided to take it back to the classics with this week’s Music Crush Monday. Nothing says Christmas like Nat King Cole’s classic “The Christmas Song.”

While it’s always fun to find a new song to put into the rotation there is something lasting about Christmas Classics. Is it even the holidays if Nat King Cole isn’t crooning into your ear? “The Christmas Song” is an enduring cornerstone of Christmas songs and has been covered by every celebrity singer you can imagine. Michael Buble and even She&Him pay hommage to this classic among the many others who’ve elected to put their twist on it over the years. Do you have a favorite version of “The Christmas Song,” or like us, do you prefer Nat King Cole’s soulful voice to lead you into the holiday spirit? Question: Is it even a holiday playlist if this song isn’t on it?