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Jun 28, 2021

Music Crush Monday: Nessa Barrett

If you haven’t heard of Nessa Barrett, may we please introduce you to her via her latest single “Counting Crimes”.

Image Still: Nessa Barrett YouTube

Nessa Barrett sings a pop number with a soulful voice, while she’s draggin’ haters across the digital landscape. This is the type of energy we need this week. Stop listening to haters and move on with your life. Put some sass in your class and keep it going. We love the cool, moody shots that go with the attitude this song portrays. “Counting Crimes” is a great record that takes us through the emotions of looking back on another’s actions. We’ve all been there haven’t we? Looks like it’s time to pop Nessa Barrett’s “Counting Crimes” into our playlist. This is a song we’d drive to on repeat. Traffic jam? Time managed. Let us know your thoughts about the song, and the style of the video. Nessa seems to be one to watch. We’ll be keeping our eye on her from now on. Let us know your thoughts.