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Mar 4, 2024

Music Crush Monday: Pharrell Williams X Miley Cyrus

Pharrell Williams has teamed up with Miley Cyrus to bring us a fun brand new pop-dance record “Doctor (Work It Out).”


Directed by Jacob Bixenman this music video gives us the stripped down dance-pop songs that bring back memories of the early 00’s. The new tune immediately reminds us of  “Come Get It Bae,” with a little more disco swagger and medical double entendres in the mix. It’s the type of song that could take over the charts or become another club favorite, or not quite hit the mark. Upon listening to it we weren’t sure if it would induce a need to listen to fever or an enjoyable ride that would coast the charts and then naturally come down after a short while. Trying to categorize the new single we’d say its genre is glam-pop-rock jam. Did we just make that up? Maybe. But the song certainly feels like a multi hyphenate. Overall it’s a really fun jam and the song itself represents a triumphant moment in Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams’s collaborative journey as artists together. Let us know what you think! We’ve linked the song below for you.

Listen to & Download “Doctor (Work It Out)” out now: https://mileycyrus.lnk.to/Doctor