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Nov 20, 2023

Music Crush Monday + Q&A with Barns Courtney

Barns Courtney is taking on LA specifically The Roxy Theater, for his current tour and we borrowed a moment of his time to talk all things music and process with him.

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Barnaby George aka “Barns” Courtney is an English singer, songwriter, and musician. He is curretnly on tour and celebrating the release of this music. If you love Alternate Rock or the gems of music history England has given us, then we suggest you stop your scrolling and have a listen and a read.

PPLA: What initially got you into music?

BC: A mushroom trip told me it’s my love language with my mother. Endless nights spent dancing in the kitchen and harmonizing with the radio.

PPLA: When making this album did you have a particular message you wanted to connect with fans on?

BC: It’s full of secret plots and tales, to be discovered. But the songs aren’t mine once they’re released. I’ll leave the cult leader narrative to the die hards.

PPLA: What has been the song that resonates the most with listeners when you perform, and why do you think so? What does this song mean to you?

BC: Glitter and gold seems to hit home a lot. That song was the purest expression of where I was at at the time. A true authentic snapshot of my life. I had no management, no label, no money, and made the entire song on one microphone in a decommissioned old folks home in north Tottenham. All the drums were bashing old filing cabinets and sticks on a tile floor. Somehow I captured something real with that song that despite the shoddy recording techniques shone through.

PPLA: What do you like most about touring?

BC: The deep sense of nomadic camaraderie that seems to be an intrinsic part of our DNA as humans. Haplessly dipping in and out of people’s lives like inter dimensional travelers is profoundly freeing. Waking up surrounded by my best friends with the common goal of trying to bring some joy to people’s lives. I’ve got a gypsy heart. And wandering makes me happy. I want to see it all. And this is the best way I know how.

PPLA: What is your favorite part of your creative process when making new music?

BC: The genuine catharsis and connection to a deeper part of myself. The connection to God or Buddha or SpongeBob or whoever’s out there.