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Jul 5, 2021

Music Crush Monday: Rap Monster (RM)

With Independence day behind us, we thought there is no better way to kick off the week than with a track that screams self-confidence. This week we’re topping our playlist with BTS’ Rap Monster’s “Do You” record.

Image Still: BigHiit

Rap Monster’s “Do You” is an older track that tackles the hate and criticism he received for being a rapper who debuted in a K-Pop Idol group. BTS is no stranger to backlash, but RM’s “Do You” is a poignant look at ignoring the haters, and knowing the depths of your own strengths and talents. “Do You” samples its beat from Major Lazer’s “Aersol Can” jam they collaborated on with Pharrell. We’ve also included a lyrical video of the same song below with the English subtitles. Trust us when we say these are lyrics you don’t want to miss. Full of sass, and a matter of fact mic drop about a person’s need to be their own person, “Do You” is an anthem we all need in our lives. The music video is mesmerizing. It’s a real testament to how a good beat can be transformed time and again with the right lyrics. RM is a talent writer, though this song is approximately six years old, it still hits in the jugular today. Full of visual clues that tie the lyrics into deeper meanings, “Do You” is topping our song selections for years to come. Let us know your thoughts on the track, and whether or not you had heard it before.

English Lyrics: