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Apr 3, 2023

Music Crush Monday: Shakira

You know, we featured this before, and we’ll feature it again if we have to. Lets keep this baby rocking the top charts because everyday Piqué reminds us he deeserves to go in La Poubelle, and Shakira is a Queen.

Image Credit: LOIC VENANCE/AFP via GI

We are in the female music revenge era and we’re so here for it. Hear, hear to making men be held accountable. In light of Piqué’s new comments and complete disdain for apparently the entirety of the Latin American community we knew exactly .01 seconds after hearing such trash that Shakira has to keep this song going. You can move on with life without cheating on your sons mother. Enjoy your Casio. And well, this video really is just such a bop. Why not keep it in the top 100, top 10, top 5 you name it to remind men everywhere we see you. This is possibly the most delicious dis track every written and produced. Turn it up, and let it boost your mood all week. *Throws shades on.