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Jul 19, 2021

Music Crush Monday: Shakira

Shakira is dancing us into this week. It’s been a heck of a 2021, so lets celebrate and get the mood up with Shakira’s latest record “Don’t Wait Up.”

Image Credit: Shakira Vevo

“Don’t Wait Up” is the high energy kick we all deserve to launch into the week. The video is really fun, with Shakira riding the music wave (see what we did there) as the beat drops. With bright engaging visuals, Shakira once again delivers a dance moment for fans around the world. The line “Won’t you put down your phone and look me in the eye?” really gave us all the feels, when was the last time you enjoyed going out without having your phone attached to you? A master of reinvention, this tune delivers a musical joy we didn’t realize was missing. Let us know what you think of the tune.