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Feb 3, 2020

Music Crush Monday: Super Bowl Half-Time Show Shakira + JLO

If you’re not a sports fan or you just show up to Super Bowl parties for the free food (guilty as charged) we can all agree you’re there for the half-time show.

Image Still Courtesy of CBS

Jlo and Shakira brought fire and diversity to this year’s Super Bowl performance. Shakira mixed in both Middle Eastern and African beats to her performances. If you’re a soccer fan you’ll have recognized her African theme song she created for the World Cup, which let us remind you Shakira has created not one but two themes for the World Cup. Jlo brought so much salsa to the Super Bowl half-time show. And her young daughter Emme knocked it out of the park. What a talent at such a young age to not blink an eye at a Super Bowl performance.

Meanwhile we were all but screaming for the costume changes, and vibrant dances to bright and fun music. We hope everyone got up and danced, how could you not bop to that? These women came and slayed. Artists are become more and more vocal about their thoughts on the state of the nation. While they are here to entertain us entertainers all across the world are taking more stances to use their stage for good. The most beautiful bit about music is its ability to join us all together. We loved the blending of cultures. Let us know what you thought of the show!