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Feb 4, 2019

Music Crush Monday: Super Bowl Halftime Show Edition

Watched the Super Bowl? Missed the Super Bowl? Don’t worry we have you covered with a video of this year’s big halftime show.

We’ve got the official NFL SuperBowl halftime show linked for you here. Let us know what you thought of Maroon 5’s performance. We’re loving shirtless Adam Levine, but also scratching our heads at why they (Network) were so angry with Janet, but Adam Levine was cool to “as they say” #FreeTheNipple on air. Maroon 5 is joined live by Big Boi and Travis Scott.

Did Maroon 5 play one of your favorite songs? We really enjoyed this career spanning performance of theirs. We won’t lie though, our all time favorite performance is still Beyonce’s first run at the Super Bowl where she literally caused a black out! If you don’t remember, don’t worry we’ve got it below for you. Plus…it’s a mini Destiny’s Child reunion. Literally the only thing that could make us really lose it would be a Britney, N’Sync and Spice Girls team up on the big day…but that’s what fairy dust and dreams are made of.

In the meantime, enjoy this year’s video and reminisce with us about Beyonce’s first Super Bowl footage.

Let us know who you’d like to see perform next year.

Bey came to SLAY