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Jan 9, 2023

Music Crush Monday: SZA

SZA is back with new music and her latest bop ‘Kill Bill,” has been topping the charts.

Image Still: SZA Vevo

SZA’s latest single “Kill Bill,” has skyrocketed to the number 1 spot on the Billboard Global 200 chart. This is a first for the artist and hopefully not the last. SZA’s “Kill Bill” bounds to No. 1, from No. 11, surpassing its prior No. 5 spot which solidified the song’s release upon its debut three weeks earlier, on the Billboard Global 200 with 64 million streams and 2,000 sold worldwide Dec. 30-Jan. 5. The song becomes the first No. 1 for the St. Louis-born, New Jersey-raised singer-songwriter, among three top 10s. It’s from her album SOS, which has secured a fourth week at No. 1 on the U.S.-based Billboard 200.