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Dec 26, 2022

Music Crush Monday: Taehyung “V”

Kim, Taehyung best known as V from BTS has given his fans all around the globe a festive gift this year with his cover of “It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas.”

Image Still: BangTangTV / YouTube

Taehyung’s cover of “It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas,” is a stripped down me to you type of gift for V-stans, and anyone who enjoys a good voice, frankly. The song displays his deep vocals that he’s so well known for. The simplicity of gifting a song without an over the top music video is also in a way a refreshing gift. It’s a look inside a corner of his home, as he sings straight into the mic in a laid back hoodie. He lets his vocals do the work, and it’s the reminder that the Christmas season is about gifts from the heart, and the connection we all share, rather than the presents we’re constantly bombared with. The best gift, is one from the heart. Thanks Kim Taehyung, we purple you.