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Feb 6, 2023

Music Crush Monday: Taeyang

After a 6 year hiatus from entertainment Korean pop sensation Taeyang has returned to K-Pop with his debut comeback “Vibe” featuring Jimin from BTS.

Image Still: Taeyang, The Black Label YouTube

Taeyang remains unbeatable as an vocalist. The opening for “Vibe” is filled with effortless charisma and control. His vocals drive the introduction before the beat drops, casting a beguiling tone that instantly pulls us in. It’s a bop from the very first beat. As the song continues Jimin joins and is equally powerful in his vocals, before the visuals for the music video really take us away and showcase their incredible dance skills. “Vibe” gradually constructs a brittle funk groove driven by splashes of rhythm guitar with a bass that makes the song impossible not to jump up and dance to. We’re currently experiencing an up-tick of danceable pop hits but “Vibe” evelates itself from what is on the charts at the moment, the entire track an adds a sense of bite with its rhythmic choices.

Let us know what your thoughts are and if “Vibe” is making it onto your playlist, we’ve already added it to ours.