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Jul 27, 2020

Music Crush Monday: Taylor Swift

We don’t even know where to begin, with Taylor Swift’s new album. How can we even pick one song? Is that blasphemy? Will we be smite from the heavenly gates? We’re not sure, but this is our Music Crush Monday pick, after her weekend blessing to us.

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Taylor Swift has dropped her new album ‘Folklore’ and it is a work of art. We’re kicking off this week with her record ‘Cardigan’ but we didn’t exactly pick it. Meaning, we hit shuffle and went with the first song the shuffle player decided on. All of the songs are equally strong, emotional, and compelling. This is her best work as an artist. This song strikes us with its haunting lyrics, like this one ‘A friend to all is a friend to none’ and ‘You put me on and said I was your favorite’. Who else can relate? Stab us in the heart, and run with it Taylor! What are your thoughts on Taylor’s newest album ‘Folklore’? Do you have a favorite song? Can you pick a favorite lyric? Are you still absorbing the gravitas of her work? Let us know your thoughts.