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Jun 1, 2020

Music Crush Monday: This Is America

We’re not kicking off a playlist this week. We are instead deciding to amplify black voices. Childish Gambino gave us ‘This Is America’ in 2018 and the same is true today.

Image Still ‘This Is America’

This is a stark look in music at what we face as a country. Please donate to help amplify the voices of the persecuted. We believe art is a unifier. We report proudly on gossip-less news with a focus on the charity work celebrities do to amplify platforms. Now we believe we must share work to amplify the Black Lives Matter movement. To be silent in these times is to be complicit. We will be highlighting leaders in the black community who make our world a better place, who strive for change. We hope to be a part of a change. To see racism, acknowledge it, and ask for better. To stand up and share art that changes perspectives, and narratives and more importantly to see in the world a true and lasting change. We leave you with ‘This Is America’ on this first Monday of June 2020.