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Dec 7, 2020

Music Crush Monday: Toddrick Hall

Toddrick Hall is baaaaaack dahlings, and this time he has a Christmas bop surprise in store for us.

Image Courtesy of Toddrick Hall YouTube.

In an ode to his hit ” Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels” Toddrick Hall is bringing us “Bells, Bows, Gifts, Trees” for the holiday season. A verifiable bop, this music jingle is sure to have you booty shaking all throughout your house as you deck the halls. And who doesn’t love an ode to some retail therapy. Lets be serious, we all need a little retail therapy right now.

The Nutcrackers, and the literal nutcracker death drop into a split had our jaws on the floor. We’re love love loving the Santa hats and synchronized dancing. This is the good mood pick me up we were in need of to celebrate the holidays. Give us Christmas, and give us a dance tune. A Christmas win for sure. Thank you Toddrick, don’t mind if we throw on our Santa Hat and declare ourselves a Christmas Queen. You can even buy props from the music videos, so good. Feed our bop obsession.