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Oct 30, 2023

Music Crush Monday: Usher

The early 00’s are coming back at us fast! Usher is back on the music scene with his latest single “Good Good,” featuring Summer Walker and 21 Savage.

Image Still: Usher YouTube

The r+b crooner, and master of dance Usher is back with his latest single, “Good Good.” The song has gotten mixed reviews since it’s release, but one thing is for certain, Millenials are thriving. They lyrics follow an amicable break up as the bass and tune bring you back into the era of deep bass and soft rhythms you can nod your head along to. The music video is Directed by Warren Fu, “Good Good” takes place mainly on Atlanta’s iconic Jackson Street Bridge and showcases Usher’s signature style and creativity. Diehard fans of the R&B crooner will notice the subtle nods to Usher’s previous music videos, he has smuggled quite a few Easter eggs in. Let us know if you spot them and what they are in the comments below. Happy listening!