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Aug 10, 2020

Music Crush Monday: Wingtip

We’re kicking off Monday with new sounds from Wingtip alongside a q+a all about their new album, with the band’s lead singer Nick Perloff-Giles.

Photo Credit: Evan Tetreault 

Los Angeles-based, Bay Area-raised singer, songwriter and producer Wingtip (aka Nick Perloff-Giles) shared his latest single “ Demons ”, the new song from his full length debut album, All Your Friends Are Here is due out August 14 via Independently Popular.

PPLA: What inspired this new record?

WT: I had been putting out singles all of 2019 and wanted a space to put songs and ideas that didn’t fit standard ‘singles’ formats – I wanted to try bridging EDM, pop, folk and indie in ways that felt new and would be hard to do in just one song. And I wanted to take the sounds I was falling in love with in LA – a lot of shoegaze, chillwave, and indie pop stuff from different scenes – and blend them into something coherent and new!

PPLA: What do you hope fans take away from the record?

WT:  I hope they get to hear a side of me that I don’t always show on singles, I tried to leave room for ambiguities and more experimental moments that wouldn’t always make it onto a single. But I also just hope they feel like the music speaks to them and what they’re going through!

PPLA: How long from concept to inception did the process take for you?

WT: Some songs on the album took almost 2 years to finish and perfect, whereas some came together in less than a week! Refining everything down and picking the right songs took about 5 months. 

PPLA: Do you have a favorite song on your record?

WT: Hmm – not really, but I do feel like ‘Strangers’ and ‘When You’re Lonely’ are some of the strongest songs I’ve ever written from a pop perspective!

PPLA: How did the title come about?

WT: I wanted a title that felt warm and inviting and conversational. I remember getting a text that just said ‘all your friends are here’ about a bar down the street and what a strange and comforting text that was.

PPLA: Which song do you think will most impact your listeners?

WT: Hard to say, but I think Frayed Tape is the most autobiographical song on the record and the one that speaks to things I’ve never tried to address on a song before.

PPLA: As an artist how has covid been for you?

WT: Has been a challenge given the lack of excitement and momentum to stay motivated, but I have tried to take it as an opportunity to step back and try writing and working on things that I wouldn’t have before – every day is different! 

PPLA: Do you have any advice for your fans who may want to get into music, about creating during this time?

WT: This is a time where nobody is watching you but everyone is online! I think it’s a great moment to try something new and put it out into the digital universe to see where it lands. And given that it’ll be awhile before the industry is fully up and running again, I think it’s a good chance to take the time to get up as much as you can and see what sticks!