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Sep 12, 2019

Music Legend Bryan Adams on New Music, Classic Hits, Giving Back and Headlining KAABOO Del Mar.

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t geek out a bit when we heard we’d be interviewing music legend, Bryan Adams, about his upcoming headlining performance at KAABOO Del Mar this weekend.

The man was basically a playlist of top hits for anyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s and his music remains timeless today. It was really hard to narrow down our burning questions but we did our best to honor his music career, tireless philanthropic work, and badassery all around! Check out our Q&A below.

Courtesy of KAABOO Del Mar/Bryan Adams

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! You’re a music superstar! What made you decide to play KAABOO Del Mar. Is there something special about this festival in particular that attracted you?

BA: I enjoyed the KAABOO show we did in the Caribbean earlier this year, and they asked us to do another. I’m into it.

You have such a large song catalog with so many hits. What can fans expect to hear at KAABOO?

BA: I’ll jam as many as I can into the short set we’re doing at the festival, I promise not to chat a lot.

Courtesy of KAABOO Del Mar/Bryan Adams

Are you currently working on any new music? Will you be previewing anything at KAABOO?

BA: Yes, my new song “Shine A Light” will be in the set, and “You Belong To Me” from my previous album, that’s about it for new songs.

You’re known for so many great romance songs like “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You”, “All for Love”  and Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?” What inspires these songs for you? 

BA: They were all written for films in the 90’s and all three of those songs were written around musical themes by film composer Michael Kamen. Michael was someone I used to work with before he sadly passed away. I’m grateful to him and Mutt Lange who was also the co-writer on those songs.

My all-time favorite song and go-to at Karaoke is your song “Summer of ’69”  so I have to ask you about your inspiration behind this hit? Anything you can share about the time when this song came to fruition for you?

BA: It was originally called “The Best Days Of My Life,” and I think it’s that line that propelled the song and people identify with. It’s always confused with the year, where in fact it’s actually a song about reflecting on the loss of innocence and discovering love. I love Bob Seger and I wanted to write a song that could be a kind of continuation or book end to his song “Night Moves,” which is such a brilliant record.

You recently worked with Disney on the music for “Pretty Woman: The Musical” for Broadway. What compelled you to want to work on turning this classic film to the stage?

BA: I was interested in trying to see if I could do it, and I enlisted Jim Vallance to co-write it with me. We had a fun couple of years making it work, I’d love to do Boradway again if something cool were to come up.

You’ve been a big activist throughout the years for animal and marine life and are a vegan. Any thoughts on the importance of these issues now more than ever with climate change?

BA: They are all super important issues, and I’m happy people are embracing it more and more. I just partnered with DHL for my tour and our aim together is to plant a tree for every ticket we’ve sold, and this year we will have played for 1M people, so that’s a tidy little forest. I’m quite proud of this.

In addition to being a singer, you’ve been a longtime professional photographer. What do you love about photography and how does it differ for you from music as form of expression?

BA: I got into photography while touring on the road, and documenting recording sessions. Later on I got hired by magazines, and so I continue to work on photography making album covers and videos, It’s just an extension of being an artist I suppose.

Can our LA-based fans see you performing in Los Angeles anytime soon?

BA: I think we’ll be back sometime in 2020, thanks for asking!